Terms & plan


  1. Keep 'm glad - many species are sensitive to noise.
  2. Do not go through the fence and railing and approaching the animal.
  3. Do not feed the animals - overfeeding or feeding the wrong food causes health disorders.
  4. Do not take dogs, cats and other animals.
  5. Children under 10 years old can stay in the Garden only accompanied by an adult responsible for their behavior.
  6. Please note that for animals threatened with extinction are the last refuge zoos .
  7. Worth reading an information sign hanging at any catwalk or cage.
  8. Please note that the collected specimens of plants in the garden create a unique collection , which is a testament to the work of many nature lovers.
  9. Admiring the plant specimens must remember that they are to be the pride and survive to the next generation.
  10. Do not touch or pick the flowers , leaves and fruits of plants encountered here , some of which are highly toxic and can cause allergies.
  11. Keep off the lawn - walk only designated paths.